Family of Companies

Great Lakes Family of Companies is located in Downtown Cleveland, OH, a city in the Great Lakes and Midwest region. Our work is focused solely on the Midwest as our firms look to benefit and serve the often over-looked Great Lakes region.

The various organizations under the umbrella of The Great Lakes Family of Companies were placed together to be a unit with the goal of strengthening the benefits of the solid economic and geographic attributes of the Midwest. We lead with a mission to prioritize the middle class and to serve that market in a way that has not yet been done by any of our competitors.

Great Lakes Retirement Planning

Wall Street Advice at Main Street Prices

Great Lakes Mortgage

The Midwest’s Destination for Mortgages

Great Lakes Loan Servicing

Comprehensive Mortgage Loan Servicing for all Property Types

Great Lakes Securities

Offering Municipal Bonds & Mortgage Bonds for Unions, Pensions, & Charities

Great Lakes Family of Companies Services

  • Sound Real Estate Investment Advice
  • Practical Financial Planning
  • Excellent Fixed Income Products
  • Products for Institutional Investors
  • Loan Servicing for Real Estate Investors Supporting the Middle Class

Great Lakes Family of Companies is here to support you. Our clients have median incomes, small businesses that are valued under $50MM, or are owners of small businesses with less than 50 employees. Our goal is to provide quality products and services to people who reside in the Great Lakes region.